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Welcome to The Crystal Book, where you can purchase and learn the spiritual properties of Healing Crystals, Healing Stones, Quartz, Gemstones, and Chakra Stones. Learn the metaphysical attributes of each crystal! Store items and pages of the crystal book are added weekly.

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Learn Each Of The Quartz Crystal Meanings

Find Quartz Crystal Meanings And Metaphysical Properties

To whom may be reading this, below you will find a list of the different forms of the quartz crystal. Quartz crystals are one of the most abundant crystals on earth that make up a large amount of its crust. Quartz is often related to power, energy, and clarity. It takes many different colors and may consist of bubbles, cracks, inclusions, and other distortions. You may of herd it by the name of Universal Crystal or Rock Crystal. Physically Quatrz crystals are quite hard. Click on a Quartz Crystal below to get detailed information……  I wish you safe travels